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How to maintain diamond saw blades
1, diamond saw blade if not immediately used, should be flat or use the inner hole to hang it up, flat saw blade can not be stacked on other items or feet, and pay attention to moisture, rust resistance.

2, for the use of diamond saw blades, after removal should be put back into the box, whether sent to the repair factory or storage warehouse waiting for the next use, should try to choose vertical, at the same time pay attention to avoid the wet room.

3, if it is flat stacking, try to avoid excessive stacking, so as not to avoid a long period of heavy pressure lead to the accumulation of saw blade deformation, not to put the exposed saw blade stack together, otherwise it will cause sawtooth or saw tooth and saw plate scraping, resulting in tooth breakage and even broken.

4, for the surface without electroplating and other special anti-rust treatment of saw blades, after use, please wipe anti-rust oil in time, in order to prevent the blade because of long time not to use and rust.

5, when the blade is no longer sharp, cutting surface rough, must be timely re-grinding. Grinding cannot change the original angle and disrupt the dynamic balance.

6,diamond saw blade grinding work as far as possible by the original manufacturers to do, if the conditions are inconvenient, should try to find professional equipment and grinding business. Erroror or unreasonable grinding greatly reduces the life of the blade.

7, diamond saw blade internal diameter correction, positioning hole processing, etc. , must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is poor, will affect the use of the product, and may be dangerous, the hole in principle can not exceed the original aperture of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

These are some of the tips for maintaining diamond saw blades, i hope to be useful to you. If you have any other questions about diamond blades, please consult us.

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