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Hot pressing circular diamond segment
September 10, 2019
Diamond segment is a kind of diamond tool used to cut stone, concrete, ceramic tile and other materials in various shapes after the process of cold pressing and sintering. Read More >>
Is the diamond segment impact resistant?
September 10, 2019
Diamond saw blade in cutting stone, especially when the depth of the knife is larger, the segment constantly collides with the stone, the collision process, diamond in the diamond segment quickly completed the grinding of the stone Read More >>
Matching choice of diamond segment and substrate for diamond circular saw blades
September 10, 2019
Matching choice of diamond segment and substrate for diamond circular saw blades Read More >>
The decisive element of granite segment life
September 10, 2019
The diamond segment is composed of two core materials, namely the diamond part and the bond part. The improvement of the formula of these two parts can increase the life of the diamond segment. Below we will explain the two materials composed of the segment. The influence of diamond on the life of granite segment. Read More >>
Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Plates
September 10, 2019
The new product have entered the market
Cold pressing process of diamond segments
September 10, 2019
What is cold processing ? some manufacturers designed the cold processing workshop as a conditioning room , but some are not take seriously , so most of cold-processing process are being done under normal condition , specific complete way is to put the agitation of the powder (containing diamond particles and matrix materials), through the way of pressure, pressed powder become block, through such way of cold pressing diamond and matrix can be preliminary unifies in together, forming the shape of the cutting tools, that’s why to say the cold press is an a very critical step in the process of Read More >>
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