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Rapid cooling of diamond segments mold
Sintering is the most important process in the production of diamond segment. Sintering allows the metal powder to completely become diamond agglomerates. However, after high temperature and high pressure diamond segment, they need to be cooled before they can be demolded. During the production process, Waiting for a long time for demolding is a process that greatly increases production time. People are beginning to think of ways to solve this problem: how to shorten the cooling time? 

Why is it necessary to cool down and demould? The main reasons are as follows:
. In the sintering process of graphite abrasive tools, the temperature reaches 800 degrees Celsius, and it is almost impossible to complete the manual dismantling process for abrasive tools without demolding.
2.There is a physical phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction in nature, and the high temperature agglomeration has increased a lot. In this case, it is impossible to complete the demolding process.
3. At present, the demolding process is manual demolding, and automatic demolding equipment has not been used in large quantities. Under high temperature conditions, safety issues are particularly worrying.

So how to speed up the cooling rate of the diamond segment mold?
1.Under normal circumstances, place the diamond segment mold in a well-ventilated intersection, which can be quickly cooled, which is also the most common cooling method in the factory at present.
2.Some commonly use large electric fans for cooling. This method can speed up the cooling rate by 10-30%, but try to ensure that the wind direction of the tuyere is consistent with the natural wind, and keep the wind blowing against one direction. Do not enclose the wind in a circle, doing so will significantly reduce the cooling effect.
3.Some manufacturers will use the method of cooling the diamond segment mold in the air-conditioned room for cooling. Although this can significantly reduce the mold temperature, the temperature in the air-conditioned room will rise rapidly, resulting in rapid power consumption; and the biggest problem with this method is that a large amount of cold air preheating will form water droplets with the diamond segment, which will directly lead to rapid oxidation of the segment.
4.In the new generation of vacuum sintering machine, many manufacturers directly add subsequent vacuum cooling equipment in the next process. In such equipment, the segment can be isolated in a vacuum environment by vacuuming quickly. In this environment, the heat will quickly evaporate through the moisture, thereby quickly taking away the heat. The use of this kind of vacuum cooling equipment has gradually become popular.

In general, the current cooling of diamond segment molds is still a more traditional natural cooling method. If vacuum cooling machinery is to be used in large quantities, there is still a long way to go.

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