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Hot pressing sintering technology of diamond segment
The sintering technology of diamond segment is very important. The technology parameters were kept secret a few years ago, because this is the mainly important technology. However, as the competition in the industry increases, some production parameters are be Revealed.

In the sintering technology of a diamond segment, it is generally divided into the following stages.

First is hoist the temperature and pressure: this is the beginning of sintering and a stage that the sintering process must go through.

 The second stage is holding pressure and pressure: this process have to giving a period of time, the stable performance of diamond segment are costly with the period. If the pressure holding time is too short, it is easy to cause the diamond segment to not be tightly integrated. The pressure holding time is too long, it will be time-consuming and laborious, and waste waiting time.

The third stage is maintaining pressure and cooling: this step is the process of forming and cooling the diamond segment, which is convenient for removing the diamond segment later.

The fourth stage is cooling and pressure reduction: this step is the last step of the sintering of the diamond segment. Generally, the temperature can be reduced to about 600 degrees.

Among them, the first and second stages are most important in whole of the diamond segment hot press sintering. In these two stages, we need to set the sintering temperature and pressure in the first stage according to the design of the diamond segment, and set the holding time in second stage. But how much temperature and pressure and holding time required in whole sintering technology? Let's briefly explain through the commonly used 350MM saw blade diamond segment.
First assume that the size of the 350 marble saw blade segment is: 40*3.2*8mm (length * thickness * height), and the bonding is copper bond. We can calculate the sintering temperature according to the formula: sintering temperature=0.65~0.8*T, T represents the melting point of the main components in the bonding, and the melting point of cobalt is 1050℃, so the sintering temperature can be determined between 1050*0.65-1050*0.8 (It is calculated to be 682.5°C-840°C), and the holding time depends on the temperature.

“The higher the temperature, the shorter the holding time.”-because the copper bond diamond segment have low melting point. There is no specific regulation on the pressure setting. It is depends to the graphite. The only one purpose is make sure the diamond segment be sintered to a certain size and density. If it is not enough, the pressure will be increased, and the pressure will be reduced if it is enough. Normally the pressure is 150-450KG/cm2. Most manufacturers of diamond segment choose high sintering temperature. High temperature sintering technology can save time and more effective for production.

In summary, this copper bond marble saw blade with a diameter of 350mm, the hot pressing parameters are set as: sintering temperature: 840℃; holding time 2min; total pressure is 200kg/cm2*(40*3.2*10) cm2/ Pieces*10 pieces/100 per mold=25.6kN, 28kN pressure can be added.
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