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pdc cutter,
Application of PDC
September 10, 2019
PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts, PDC for short) have some outstanding advantages such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high elastic modulus, isotropy, and high thermal conductivity. Read More >>
PDC inserts ,PDC cutter ,Stone cutting ,Chain saw ,0808 PDC inserts ,Italy marble
0808 PDC Inserts
September 10, 2019
Our 0808PDC inserts widely sell in Europe,Asia ,America...especially have good feedback from Italy Client .Now our Italy client purchased 1000pcs/Month . Read More >>
Tungsten carbide saw blades
The aluminum material industry saw blade
September 10, 2019
Our high quality Tungsten carbide saw blades are featured by precise cutting size, smooth cutting surface, high efficiency, long service life, impact resistance and so on. Read More >>
wet diamond polishing pad
Feedback of 4 Inch Wet Diamond polishing pad for Granite
September 10, 2019
Feedback of 4 Inch Wet Diamond polishing pad for Granite Read More >>
PDC CUTTER ,PDC inserts ,0808 PDC insert,stone cutting
September 10, 2019
PDC insert size :0808 PDC thickness:2mm Application :install on Fatini's chain saw ,cutting Italy white marble Feedback :our Italy client feel satisfied with ... Read More >>
concrete saw blade
How to maintain diamond saw blades
September 10, 2019
diamond saw blade if not immediately used, should be flat or use the inner hole to hang it up, flat saw blade can not be stacked on other items or feet, and pay attention to moisture, rust resistance. Read More >>
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