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Production and Application Process of hot-pressed Sintered Diamond Segment
In the production and application process of hot-pressed sintered diamond segment, it generally goes through the following steps:

1: Ingredients, this process is the core part of the whole production, under normal circumstances, the technical personnel, according to the types of customers to cut the stone material of hardness, abrasive resistance, service life and efficiency of lay particular stress on, combined with various countries and regions of previous test formula, slight adjustment all the ingredients, including all kinds of metal bond material, diamond powder, and paraffin, antirust additive, such as these materials are weighing respectively.

2: Mixing, the process has been finalized at present. Put the powder mixed into the blender. If there are a lot of segments to be produced, mix according to the capacity of a blender.

3: Cold pressing, the stirred powder needs to be solid, cold pressing is the process of the powder solid, especially for the multi-layer interlayer segments , cold pressing provides the processing material for the late hot pressing sintering.

4: Hot pressing sintering, which is one of the most basic and important processes in the manufacturing process of diamond segment, plays a decisive role in the performance of the final product. In the sintering process, metal powder and diamond powder are more closely fused, resulting in volume contraction, strength increase, porosity decrease and density increase of the blade head matrix. In this way, the aggregate of the powder particles of the diamond segment becomes the polymer of the grains, so that the physical and mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, wear resistance and the ability to insert the diamond can be obtained.

5: cooling mold release, after the sintering process of heat pressure and heat/pressure, cooling decompression is the basis of the cooling mold release, in fact, cooling mold release at the same time, the actual production process of the cutting tools has been completed, it is a process, make good use of the physical principle of heat bilges cold shrink, let after sufficient cooling of the cutting tools, forming and die gap shrinkage of the natural, natural moulding.

6: De burring , which is a very important step in the shaping of the segment, this one trimming the appearance of the segment, removing burring can also facilitate the later better welding.

7: welding: cutter welding process known as on the saw blade welding, by high frequency welding to heating of saw blades matrix, then the welding pieces of silver from the top of the substrate for heating, melting silver solder pieces, put the segment, thereby complete cutter welding, high frequency welding is through the high temperature heating, let the welding connection with the process of the matrix of the segments .

8: Cutting edge: Diamond segments to be cut, because in the initial form of the segment, the diamond is not exposed. The diamond is exposed through the grinding wheel, which is called cutting edge. After the cutting edge is completed, the diamond segment begins to process normally.

The above is the whole process from production to application of Lin xing diamond segment. There are many processes and points that need attention in each step. Later, we will introduce the details of each process of Lin-xing diamond tool head in detail for many times.
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