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The decisive element of granite segment life
The diamond segment is composed of two core materials, namely the diamond part and the bond part. The improvement of the formula of these two parts can increase the life of the diamond segment. Below we will explain the two materials composed of the segment. The influence of diamond on the life of granite segment.

The size of diamond particles in the granite segment has a partial effect on the segment life. For the segment of cutting granite, the same weight of diamond powder, the diamond with a small particle size has a longer life than the diamond with a large particle size, because the hardness of granite is higher, and the diamond with large particles is easily affected during the processing. The impact causes the diamond particles to rupture during the collision. Large-area ruptures cause the diamond to not be fully utilized, which leads to a significant reduction in segment life. However, if the size of the diamond particles is reduced, the diamond particles will increase and the diamonds will be more evenly distributed inside the segment. During the cutting process of the diamond segment, the hardness of the granite and the process of segment impact, the diamond particles will break, but due to its The small size and the broken part will not cause waste, but will make the diamond blade and speed up the cutting. In terms of life, since there is no large amount of waste, compared with large particles of diamond, small particles of diamond can undoubtedly increase part of the life.

The diamond concentration has a very large impact on the life of the diamond segment. Diamond concentration is also called diamond content. It is a parameter indicating the diamond content in a diamond tool product per unit volume. Generally speaking, a segment with a higher diamond concentration has a higher service life, because the higher the diamond concentration, the greater the number of cutting edges. For a single diamond, consumption is reduced. For segments, the overall consumption is evened out during the process of cutting granite. The larger the base number, the longer the segment will last. However, if the concentration is too high, the holding power of the metal bond is not enough, which will cause the segment to become dull and become unmovable. Therefore, the accurate adjustment of the diamond concentration can maximize the life of the segment and save the production of the segment. Manufacturing cost, improve cost performance.

Diamond quality has a decisive influence on the life of diamond segment. The quality of diamonds is good or bad, hard or soft. From good to bad, diamond manufacturers will judge by sieving and weighing. Due to the limited yield of good diamonds, only some large factories can buy high-quality diamonds. Diamond-quality materials with specifications, and some small factories can only buy diamonds that are not of good quality. Therefore, the quality of the segments produced by large diamond tool manufacturers will be relatively stable, while the small diamond segment manufacturers will produce segments due to raw material problems. There must be some problems. This situation will directly affect the life of the segment. So at present, due to the production problems of synthetic diamond products, the production capacity cannot keep up with the demand. The high-quality diamonds have been ordered by large tool manufacturers (such as Linxing, Bosch, etc.). The segment produced will have a longer life span.

The second part talks about the increase in the life span of granite segment by bond binder.

The hardness of the bond bond should be close to the hardness of diamond. For a good segment, the consumption of bond bond and the consumption of diamond will be very close. The better the segment, the more obvious the performance. The hardness of the bond binder is a process in which various metals undergo physical and chemical changes under high temperature and pressure to form new agglomerates. This process is irreversible and controllable, so the formulation becomes extremely important. For the granite segment, the material is hard and the abrasiveness is low. The binder needs to choose the corresponding material, and the attribute allocation should be as hard as possible, and the abrasiveness should not be too high. The segment with such binder properties will have a better life.

The higher the chemical stress and physical stress between the bond bond and the diamond, the better. The main function of the bond bond is to fix the diamond. When the diamond is cutting granite, it can withstand huge impact and friction. If the bond between the diamond and the bond bond is not good, the life will be reduced. On the contrary, the perfect combination of diamond and bond bond will increase the life span of the granite segment.

The elasticity of the bond bond. The bond bond needs to have strong elasticity. Elasticity refers to the ability to rebound in the hand. Imagine if the segment undergoes a large impact, the segment will deform in a large area. It also affects the life of the segment, but if the bond binder is flexible enough, the segment will always maintain its original shape and internal structure, which naturally ensures the life of the granite segment.

In general, there are many ways to improve the life of the diamond segment. For the segment of cutting granite, there will be some small changes, but the overall formula adjustment is still the main factor in improving the life of the segment.

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