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The Method of Selecting Diamond Segment
 Diamond segment is a reusable product used in diamond saw blades, for the diameter of less than 300mm saw blades, the value of the saw blade substation is not high. Most manufacturers use cold pressure to fix the segment and base directly, so these small saw blades are rarely need to buy a segment, they are direct to purchase of saw blades. However, when the diameter of the diamond saw blade is 300mm or even larger, the price of the saw blade base will become more expensive, in order to save costs, reuse of the base has become inevitable, and this time they need to choose the right diamond segment, these segments can be re-welded on the old blade base, to achieve cost-saving purposes.

There are many diamond segment sizes and shapes on the market, especially for the processing of stone segment. The specification changes can be applied to 300-4600mm diameter circular saw blade, and for cutting other materials saw blade, the specifications are mostly applicable to the diameter of 300-600mm circular saw blade, this paper as an example for cutting stone saw blade segment, and how to select the right blade in details.

-Segment structure selection:

At present, diamond segment can be according to its internal structure divided into two parts, that is layer segment and no layer segment. And if according to the external structure, it can be divided into no T, T and 3T three structures. The different structures of the segment have different uses, the layer engaged in improve the sharpness of the segment, and no layer segment life is higher, T structure is to prevent when stone cutting kit, so that the segment cutting smoother.

-Tire segment bond selection:

there are many metal elements in the segment bond, cobalt base is better than copper base, copper base is better than iron base, these three basic metal powders determine the wear resistance and stability of the bond. But no matter you how to design, the color of the segment tire body will not change, the cobalt-based segment is gray and bright, the copper-based segment is yellow, and the iron-based segment is silver-white.

Diamond segment selection is a relatively difficult process, in fact, it is difficult for anyone not to understand diamond tools can select a good segment, and no one can said his segment is the best, only suitable for inappropriate, suitable for cutting requirements, to adapt to cutting materials and machinery of the segment is the purpose of selection.
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